Heal Your Heart is pleased to announce the launch of our new charitable program we are calling “Stillness in Action”. As we progressively open ourselves to Inner Silence with daily spiritual practices, we find ourselves increasingly called to engage in some form of service to others. The perceived line between ourselves and “others” begins to fade as we come to see others as an expression of our own selves. Our compassion grows and our circle of empathy expands. As this occurs, the abiding Stillness that we are cultivating within us moves outward and is made manifest through our actions as a divine outpouring of Love. Stillness in Action.

These acts of service can take many forms beginning with our daily interactions with others. Perhaps it is in the small (and large) acts of service we undertake as we engage in our family roles, as parents, sons and daughters, or brother and sisters. It might be in meeting the anger and hostility we may encounter from others with kindness and understanding. It may be in the forgiveness that we show to ourselves and to others.

Through the Stillness in Action program, we are seeking to expand our sphere of service by recognizing, supporting and contributing to the charitable works of others. We will be using the fees collected from the Heal Your Heart program sessions, along with our own personal funds, to contribute to a different organization each month. Our emphasis will be on highlighting homegrown or smaller organizations that don’t get major media attention or large organizational support. Some may be formal non-profit organizations, while others may be less structured “pay-it-forward” efforts by individuals seeking to make a difference. Every act of kindness matters.

For those of you who resonate with a particular effort and wish to contribute along side of us, we will provide a link to the donation page of the organization. If you have suggestions for an organization that you would like for us to highlight, please message us with your ideas. Thank you all for sharing in this journey with us!

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