Śrī Sūktam Online Course

hiraṇyavarṇāṁ hariṇīṁ suvarṇarajatasrajām,
candrāṁ hiraṇmayīṁ lakṣmīṁ jātavedo ma āvaha.
tāṁ ma āvaha jātavedo lakṣmīmanapagāminīm,
yasyāṁ hiraṇyaṁ vindeyaṁ gāmaśvaṁ puruṣānaham.

Invoke for me, O Agni, the radiant Śrī, who shines like gold, yellow in hue, wearing gold and silver garlands, blooming like the moon, the embodiment of wealth. O Agni! Invoke for me that unfailing Śrī, being blessed by whom I shall attain all modes of abundance.

In this 8-day Navarātrī themed course, we will explore the magnificent S̄rī Sūktam, a hymn from the Ṛg Veda that celebrates and venerates Śrī, the source of all abundance, radiance, and beauty in creation. In this course, we will learn the correct way to chant the Śrī Sūktam, while delving deeply into its meaning. Importantly, we will explore the application of these principles in daily life.     

This course will include recordings of the classes (posted every day after the class), the audio recording of the Śrī Sūktam, and daily recordings of the hymn as taught in class. 

Please note that there will be no initiation or transmission of seed mantras, which should always be received from the guru via a one-on-one relationship.  

Course dates/time

October 9 -16, 2020, 7-9 PM EST via Zoom (link shared upon enrollment)  

Course Fee:

Regular – $399

Early bird pricing until October 1, 2020 – $299

While there are no pre-requisites for this course, one of the following is recommended:

1. Read either Shakti Rising or Glorious Alchemy by Kavitha Chinnaiyan,  OR

2. Take either the Shakti Rising Course or the Thousand Names of Lalitā Course, both of which available at a 50% discount (link provided upon enrollment). 

Image Credits: Rashmi Thirtha

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