Śabda Series For Women

The Śabda series of programs are exclusively for women who are seeking women-based spiritual practices.

The practices taught here come from oral practice traditions of the yoginīs, and are highly algorithmic, logical approach of understanding one’s own physiology through continuous application of concepts.
No time is wasted in learning about esoteric concepts that can’t be immediately applied. The approach here is to continuously and systematically cut out the chaos in our lives – both within and without such that there is access to the purest essence of experience.
The emphasis is on the  systematic understanding of what is socially and morally derived, and what is inherent in our physiology.
This is how we access our inherent creative power – Śakti. This creative power is the same in all of us across the gender spectrum, but is expressed differently in male and female bodies.
Ultimately, we are neither male nor female, and our bodies are only vehicles to know this. This realization of a genderless Reality being expressed in a  gendered body can only occur through the systematic cultivation of stillness and working on aligning with the specific needs and demands of the female physiology through practical methods.
This initiation into this application-based path of the yoginī is called Śabda Sphota.

Pre-requisites for this 6-month immersion are:

  • Completing and applying the lifestyle concepts of The Heart of Wellness Self-Study Course.
  • Exclusive commitment to the program, as in,  simultaneous studying and practice in other streams is not allowed.
  • Participation in one of the following of Kavitha’s course: Fractals of Reality, Thousand Names of Lalitā, Shakti Rising or Foundations of Tantra.
  • Successful application and interview.
  • Willingness and commitment to work in a group and with a partner/mentor along with Kavitha.

Śabda Sphota culminates in an in-person retreat.

Further details will be posted when enrollment opens up in July 2020 for the program that will begin in September 2020.

Cost: $1500 (does not include retreat costs).

Those successfully completing Śabda Sphota are invited to continue in the 3-month bridge program known as Śabda Setu.

Cost: $500

In this program, Kavitha will determine a participant’s readiness for the subtle teachings of the next phase of the program. This is the time for stabilizing the practices of  Śphota while preparing for the big leaps of Śabda Samādhi.

Śabda Samādhi is a 6-month immersion into subtle practices that result in clarity of perception in day-to-day life.

This program is by invitation only and must meet the pre-requisite of  exclusivity.

Śabda Samādhi culminates in an in-person retreat.

Cost: $1800 (does not include retreat costs).

Scholarships for all programs are considered via interview on a  first-come, first-serve basis.

All programs consist of biweekly calls via Zoom, one-on-one calls with Kavitha and in-depth group discussions. Participants are expected to check in with their partner/mentor on a daily basis.

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