Latest Courses

Śrī Sūktam Self-Study Course

In this course, we learn the correct way to chant the Śrī Sūktam, while delving deeply into its meaning.

Śabda Series For Women

Śabda series of programs are exclusively for women who are seeking women-based spiritual practices.

Kālī Mahāvidyā: Self-Study Course

In this course, we will delve deep into the adoration and vidyā (wisdom) of Kālī

Available Courses

The Heart of Wellness Self-Study Course

A deep dive into the fundamental understanding of health and wellness.

Foundations of Āyurveda Self-Study

This course is built to adhere to the traditional training in Āyurveda in India.

Use and Applications of Jyotiṣa

In this 3-hour seminar, Dr. Sumit Kesarkar will answer burning questions regarding the use and applications of Vedic astrology

Deity: The Path to Liberation

In this 4-part course, we will explore the principles of working with a deity.

Fractals of Reality

What is the Śrī Cakra? Importantly, why is it relevant in our sādhanā?

Bliss Meditation Course

Simplicity. Effortlessness. Rewire your mind. Open to bliss.

Foundations of Non-Dual Tantra

A Four-Week Online Course with Kavitha Chinaiyan

The Sublime Art of Pūjā Online Course

Learn the exquisite practice of the Pañcopacāra Pūjā, where a deity is worshiped and adored through 5 offerings.

Lalita Sahasranama Self-Study Course

Join us for a deep dive into the Thousand Names of Lalitā.

Durgā Sūktam Online Class

Learn to chant the Durgā Sūktam along with meaning and significance.

Shakti Rising Self-Study Course

Join us on a deep exploration of Shakti, the divine feminine!

Navarathri Course

An Inner Path to Shakti, we explore the Devi Mahatmyam from the standpoint

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