Foundations of Non-Dual Tantra

Course Description

In this 4-part course, we will systematically explore the fundamental principles of non-dual Tantra, a tradition that can be overwhelming in its scope, philosophy, texts, and practice. This course is designed for anyone interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of the non-dual Tāntrik traditions. While pertaining to the non-dual Śaiva path (popularly known as Kashmir Shaivism), the principles examined in this course are also relevant to the Śakta tradition of Śrīvidyā.

We will begin with a brief history of non-dual Tantra and its developed view, which will become the basis for understanding all the other concepts of the path. In subsequent modules, we will gain an overview of the various aspects of the view and the importance of language in the tradition before settling into an understanding of its various practices.

Students will learn about:

  • The history and overall view of non-dual Tantra.
  • The components of the tradition.
  • Śiva and Śakti: Understandings of the Absolute Consciousness
  • The map of the tattvas.
  • Prāṇa and its relation to the nādīs, kośas and cakras.
  • The four levels of the Word.
  • Mātṛkā Śakti, Tantric teachings on the divine potency of language & Mantra
  • The goal of of the upāyas – ānava, śākta, śambhava, and anu.
  • Bhāvanā and sat-tarka.

Course Includes

4 Live, Interactive Zoom Sessions
4 Q&As with Kavitha
4 Downloadable Videos & MP3s
Course Readings
10 Yoga Alliance Cont. Ed. Credits
10 Embodied Philosophy Credits
Private Pop-Up Facebook Group

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