Foundations of Āyurveda

This systematic, comprehensive course is built to adhere to the traditional training in Āyurveda in India. It is taught by Dr. Sumit Kesarkar, B.A.M.S., Ph.D., the founder of the National Library of Āyurveda Medicine (NLAM). Dr. Kesarkar’s unique approach to healing is based on the sound understanding of the physiology of the human body, the logical application of lifestyle practices, and the thoughtful use of adjuvant therapy. His approach to medicinal plants is one of great reverence to bio-diversity.  He travels extensively in India to collect herbs and medicinal plants and processes them according to traditional methods. 

Dr. Kesarkar has been conducting the Foundations of Āyurveda Course via NLAM since 2009, and several hundred students have successfully graduated from this program to be included in the NLAM database. 

This course is meant to not only acquaint a  student to Āyurveda but to delve deeply into its fundamental principles and create the foundation for advanced studies. 

Over 12 modules of this, a student explores the foundational principles of Āyurveda including:

  • History and origin
  • Cosmology
  • Doṣas
  • Dhātus
  • Agni
  • Āma,
  • Doṣa Prakṛti
  • Dhātu Sāra

Each module contains video and audio lessons, and extensive notes. Most modules also conclude with a self-graded quiz. 

Additional requirements must be met to obtain a certificate of completion by the National Library of Āyurveda Medicine and to be included in the NLAM database:

  1. Demonstration of the understanding of Doṣa Prakṛti and Dhātu Sāra.
  2. 100-word essay on the main principles imbibed in the course and their use in daily life.
  3. Completion of all available unit/module quizzes. 

The practical applications of this course via lifestyle changes are explored in the Heart of Wellness Course co-taught by Drs. Sumit Kesarkar and Kavitha Chinnaiyan.

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