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Śabda Institute Is Here!

After months of dedicated work by my uber-talented team, the Śabda Institute is finally taking shape... This institute found its origins in my confused and rebellious mind as a cardiologist just out of training. The insights and challenges of my own inner journey were often at odds with the vagaries of life. It was simply not enough to read or meditate for set periods of time, and then go about life…

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What Are You Willing To Give Up?

What are you willing to give up? On the spiritual path, this is one of the fundamental questions, one that usually brings up a torrent of fears mixed with incredulity. What do you mean "give up"? Why would/should I give up anything? Sure, these are valid concerns. Perhaps we should backtrack a bit... Why Tread The Spiritual Path At All? Let's start with an even more fundamental question - why bother with spirituality? Isn't the relational…

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Karma, Transformation, and Equanimity

There is an ancient question that is asked in ever-new ways, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” There are, of course, many different contexts in which to examine this question, but the one where it gains great importance is on the mystical path. Before we get into this, we must examine how we end up on this path. Many of us come to the mystical path because we…

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Invoking Grace, Courage And Healing: COVID-19 And Beyond

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread fear and concern, I've been asked to address what this means for our inner journey. In our tradition of Śrīvidyā (and Śākta Tantra in general), we deal with calamities, catastrophes, and world events in extraordinary ways. In addition to using commonsense approaches of being safe and the practicalities of protecting ourselves as far as possible, we use these events as opportunities to…

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