'Healing the heart is my life’s purpose; the heart here refers not merely to the organ that circulates blood, but to the core of reality'


As a practicing cardiologist and physician-scientist, I have a deep interest in the intricacies of heart disease particularly in women, the factors that make it preventable, and imaging the heart to discover novel signs of health and disease.

This website, however, is about the greater vision and my lifelong quest to find the Heart of Reality. This quest has led me to the spectacular adventure of traversing the journey within under the guidance of masters and teachers across the globe.

Facets of this journey have become part of my own teachings and writings, which arise from my ever-deepening attempt to make the highest and most esoteric teachings simple, practical and applicable in day-to-day living. This overarching quest led me to creating the Śabda Institute (hyperlink here), which is meant to be the hub of teachings that bring the mystical into the mundane.


May your journey be fulfilling in every way and may you find what you’re looking for.

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