How To Use The Doshas To Hack Your Biological Rhythms: A Doctor Explains

This article was published February 2, 2017, on mindbodygreen.

As we move into full-fledged winter in America, I’m once again intrigued by the inherent beauty of nature’s rhythms. Everything in nature is subject to the rhythms of both day and night and the seasons, including our bodies. In fact, our health and sense of well-being depend on these delicate cycles that often escape our attention in day-to-day life.

What is the fundamental cause of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, or spiritual discord or illness? One could say it is lack of balance. When we study the biology of our cells or our minds, we see that the one thing that binds us all together regardless of our differences in race, gender, and political or religious affiliations is that we are all seeking balance. Homeostasis or equilibrium is the driving force for our body-minds, and when this is disturbed, we fall ill or simply don’t feel well, vibrant, or joyful.

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