Healing the heart is my life’s purpose—the heart here refers not merely to the organ that circulates blood, but to the core of reality.

My first book, Shakti Rising, explores the ten great wisdom goddesses known as the Dasha Mahavidya who represent facets of this great heart of reality. These goddesses dance in our lives and minds, no matter who we are or what our path is.

My second book, The Heart of Wellness, presents a paradigm shift in how we think about health and disease, and presents the Bliss Prescription to dive into the great heart and discover the gems of wellness deep within it.

Here in this space you will find my online courses, writings, events, chants and various media interviews where I talk about heart disease, wellness, Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, and Vedanta.


New Online Class!

Durga Sūktam

The Durga Sūktam is highly revered as a transformational chant, which catapults us out of our ordinary existence into the glorious presence of the goddess.

In this Navarātri-focused course, we will learn the Durga Sūktam, an Upaniṣadik hymn that invokes Durga as the primordial force of creation and sādhanā.

In addition to the correct meter and pronunciation, we will learn the meaning of the hymn as it applies to our daily lives and specifically to our sādhanā. This class includes downloadable materials, including the lyrics and audio recordings.

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Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Best Book Award for Shakti Rising!

Shakti Rising: Best Books of 2017!

Shakti Rising has won the Nautilus Gold Award for the best books of 2017 under the category: Religion/Spirituality of Eastern Thought. Check out the entire list of winners here!